Recreation in Athens, Ohio

Looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend or get the most out of your vacation in Athens, Ohio?

There are more than enough recreational activities to go around, including those for the avid outdoors person or those who want a relaxing opportunity to escape the city.

Hiking in Athens

Athens County is home to numerous hiking trails that almost seem endless. Grab up your boots and enjoy trails nestled into the woods that almost look as though they were plucked from a fairy tale. From the hillsides to the rock houses and the wildflowers, you are sure to find a hiking trail that delights.

A few favorite trails include:

  • Strouds Run State Park
  • Wayne National Forest
  • Wistendahl Native Plant Garden
  • The Ridges Trails
  • Outback Jacks Tradin’ Post
  • Cycling in Athens County

Are you one for two wheels and the open trails? Then you will enjoy the bike trails throughout Athens County designed for novice and experienced riders alike. These trails offer you hours of scenery, fresh air, and history. Many go along historic routes with stops along the way too, like a quilt barn (or two).

A few favored bike trails include:

  • Hockhocking Adena Bikeway
  • Wayne National Forest
  • Strouds Run State Park
  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Hocking Hills Adventure Trek Trails
  • Sells Park
  • Outdoor Motorsports in Athens County

Whether you like your Harley or you are a fan of ATV riding, Athens County has plenty of outdoor motorsport opportunities. You can find low traffic back roads for your motorcycle, including traditional routes and tours. If you like to get out on the trails with your ATV, you will have plenty of backcountries to explore too.

Rock Climbing in Athens

Athens County is home to some of the rugged and hilly terrains that rock climbers adore. In the area, you will find everything from scalable borders to jutting cliffs ripe for climbing. Locals, students, and even visitors all partake in the fun.

Hunting in the Athens County Region

Are you a fan of hunting? Athens County was recently ranked first in the nation for whitetail deer hunting, and you can take a grab of the opportunities today. There are plenty of state parks that offer hunting licenses, including Wayne National Forest and Strouds Run State Park.


Tee off in one of the award-winning golf courses right here in Athens County. Athens County is also home to miniature golf courses, like the Putt People course. You can also golf along Hocking River or at Ohio University.

Indoor Activities for Everyone

Escape the weather outside and find an exciting recreational activity indoors. There are three movie theaters in Athens County, two bowling alleys, and even an indoor skating rink ready to entertain the entire family. There is also plenty of shopping at the Grand Central Mall and downtown businesses including banks, lawyers, photographers, restaurants, and more.

Horseback Riding in Athens County

There is nothing quite like the excitement of riding horseback in Athens County. You can go on a romantic date on the horse riding trails or even take the entire family to learn how to ride a horse properly.