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Representing Beneficiaries in Ohio and West Virginia for Wrongfully Denied Life Insurance Benefits

Have you been denied life insurance benefits? Of all cases involving insurance company misconduct, wrongful denials of life insurance policy claims are perhaps the worst. These denials can occur with privately-procured life insurance policies, employer-sponsored life insurance policies (governed by ERISA), and accidental death or dismemberment policies.

At Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels, in Marietta, Ohio, we have experience in successfully taking on life insurance companies and forcing them to honor their contractual obligations. We have represented clients throughout Ohio and West Virginia. Contact our law firm today to learn how to recover your denied life insurance benefits.

Insurance companies often employ the following tactics to deny or delay valid life insurance claims:

  • Accusations of fraud in procuring the policy or filling out the initial application
  • Falsely claiming that the deceased died from “self-inflicted” causes
  • Eligibility disputes arising from the ending of employment (“conversion” disputes)
  • Unreasonable delays in investigating the cause of death
  • Blaming employers for mistakes in enrolling employees in employer-sponsored life insurance plans
  • Retroactively revoking life insurance policies based on medical conditions

Sometimes the insurance company’s behavior rises to the level of insurance bad faith, which can entitle the beneficiary to recover punitive damages and other extra-contractual relief, including attorney’s fees.

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