St. Clairsville Personal Injury Attorney

After a serious injury, you want an attorney that is there to fight for your rights and help you receive the compensation you need to recover fully. An attorney is your advocate. They represent your case and help you obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain, suffering, and trauma. When someone’s negligence causes an injury, you should not be the person to deal with the financial burden of that injury or accident.

The attorneys in St. Clairsville, Ohio from Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels understand what you are going through. We are here as your advocates, and we believe that when someone causes a devastating injury, he or she must be held accountable for his or her actions. Our law firm offers the professional services of Attorney Ethan Vessels. As a board-certified member of the NTA and a registered advocate of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Ethan Vessels ensures every client receives the compensation they deserve.

We handle numerous types of personal injury and legal cases for clients from all walks of life, including:

  • Financial Exploitation
  • Business Disputes
  • ERISA Lawsuits
  • Oil and Gas Disputes
  • Employee and Insurance Benefits Claims
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Wrongful Death Cases


St. Clairsville, Ohio – The Greenest City You Will Ever See

St. Clairsville, Ohio is home to many things, but one of the most notable is their dedication to the environment. Here in St. Clairsville you have the community garden. With more than 30 plots and almost a decade in operation, this community garden brings residents together and promotes garden activities. St. Clairsville, Ohio is one of the older cities in the state. In fact, the original territory was established in 1790 by David Newell. Back then, it was named Newellstown after its founder. However, the name changed to honor the Northwest Territory’s Governor Major-General Arthur St. Clair a few years later. While we live in a small town, we thrive like a big city. The historic downtown area is home to city hall and a few of the original buildings from our settlement. The pride and respect that comes from St. Clairsville is what makes our residents so great.


Experience You Can Depend on for Your Injury Claim

Whether you have a broken bone or severe spinal cord injury, you need a personal injury attorney ready to fight for you. Bodily injury claims go through civil court, but they are very severe and highly complicated legal procedures. Most cases settle for less, but that is because victims do not hire the right law firm to represent them. At Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels, we ensure our cases never settle for less than the client deserves. While we strive to settle out of court, that is because we want our clients to receive appropriate compensation and not lose compensation to court fees.

The clients we take on do not sue for financial gain. Instead, they want compensation to help get back on their feet and recover. They have compounding medical expenses, future losses, and no means for recovery without these lawsuits. We understand what you are going through. Whether you are the victim of a negligent hospital or you were involved in a catastrophic automobile accident, our attorneys will fight for you.

Here are some of the past victories we have achieved for our clients:

  • $1 million for a wrongful death accident
  • $2.15 million for death from mesothelioma
  • $1.2 million for a work-related injury
  • $540,000 for a back injury
  • $685,000 for a malpractice case due to medication errors


Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Clairsville, Ohio

After your serious injury, contact the lawyers from Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels. Our team is among the best, and we are dedicated lawyers who take every client and case seriously. Our attorneys conduct investigations, gather evidence, collect statements, and build a strong personal injury case for each client. All cases are done on a contingency fee basis; therefore, there is no risk for hiring our law firm. Explore your legal options by talking with our attorneys over a free, no obligation consultation at 740-374-5346 or schedule an appointment by completing the online contact form.