August 26, 2011
The Oil and Gas Boom

The Oil and Gas Boom

Southeast Ohio is once again experiencing an oil and gas boom.  The development, or potential development, of the Marcellus and Utica shale formations is reinvigorating the gas business in our area.

Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels handles oil and gas matters.  We will review proposed leases, assist in negotiating leases, and can provide real estate transaction services involving oil and gas leases.

At Fields, Dehmlow & Vessels, we also assist landowners who have current non-producing leases.  Under Ohio law, there are methods to cause the forfeiture of non-producing leases that burden property.  There are a number of common situations.  There may be an old lease, but no well was ever drilled.  Or, there may be a well, but no royalties have been paid.  Or, there is a well, but there have only been minimal royalties paid. Perhaps, the property is capable of additional development, but there is no current development. Sometimes, there is an “expiration” of the current lease by its own terms.

These are complicated issues, but there are ways for landowners to “un-burden” themselves of these leases, or at a minimum, obtain compensation for the burden of a not being able to obtain alternate development. Sometimes, it is necessary to file a lawsuit to enforce the landowner’s rights.

If you have a question about and oil and gas issue, please call us at 740-374-5346.