July 26, 2011
The “Pit Bull” Lawyer

The “Pit Bull” Lawyer

Over the years, it has been said that clients want a “bull dog” lawyer or a “pit bull” lawyer.

Although the true definition of this is uncertain sometimes, it can be presumed that would entail an angry lawyer. Does a client benefit from a mean lawyer? A win-at-all-costs lawyer? A lawyer who refuses to concede anything? A lawyer set to crush the opposition?

No. This lawyer will not further a client’s interests any more than any other type of lawyer. And, this lawyer often makes things worse for the client.

Firm? Yes. But, as an experienced trial lawyer once said, “You don’t have to be ‘cross’ to ‘cross-examine.’” Friendly and firm can co-exist.

What quality should you be looking for?

Persistence. The lawyer who is always moving the case forward gets the best results. Rather than a “pit bull,” you want a “hound dog.” This lawyer always has the ball in the other side’s court and pushing the other side to respond. In the world of litigation, persistence is aggressive.

Your opponent invariably does not really care how mean or nasty your lawyer is. If your lawyer makes them work and spend money, they hate that. If your lawyer turns over the stones and uncovers the evidence that will make your opponent lose in court, they really hate that. That is when settlements happen.

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