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Shopping in Parkersburg, WV

Shopping is always exciting, but when you shop in the historic city of Parkersburg, you are certain to find something unique. There is a myriad of shopping centers, local boutiques, and of course an array of antique shops that have prized pieces dating back centuries ago. In addition, there are local businesses for taking care […]

What is an ERISA Dispute?

After the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was enacted, federal law began regulating retirement plans and insurance for private employers in the United States. The Act established legal guidelines for all private pension plans, investment practices, and the administration of these programs. Minimum standards regarding life insurance, disability, welfare, and health plans […]

Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice Claims

For the most part, physicians work hard to care for their patients, and they always have their patients’ best interests at heart. However, sometimes doctors make mistakes. When those mistakes lead to serious consequences, injury, or death, a patient may choose to file a lawsuit against the physician for the harm he or she suffered. […]

Self-Guided Tours in Parkersburg, WV

There is nothing quite like the fun of taking a tour at your pace. You can stop and explore without worrying about keeping to a strict guide’s schedule. The self-guided tours of the city let you explore the area for as long or as little as you would like. Many of these self-guided tours are […]

Recreation in Athens, Ohio

Looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend or get the most out of your vacation in Athens, Ohio? There are more than enough recreational activities to go around, including those for the avid outdoors person or those who want a relaxing opportunity to escape the city. Hiking in Athens Athens County is home […]

County Tours in Athens, Ohio

Athens County, Ohio is home to plenty of historic sites, but it is hard to find them all. Luckily, you have access to a plethora of tours throughout Athens County that take you through everything from the Hills to the silos that date back over 100 years. Some of these tours are guided while others […]

Best Tourist Attractions in Athens, Ohio

Athens, Ohio is rich in culture, history, and attractions.Whether you live in the area or you are visiting on business, you will find more than enough attractions to keep you entertained. Even better, you do not have to be a history buff to appreciate the value of these attractions — some of which date back […]

Bird Watching in Parkersburg, WV

The area of Parkersburg is home to more than 250 unique species of birds. Here you will find the birding field checklist as well as the birding trails that help you find all of the individual species tucked away in the woods and parks of the city. From the forests to open meadows to the […]

History of Parkersburg, WV

Parkersburg is home to Aaron Burr and Harman Blennerhassett and rich in American history. Whether you are visiting the area or have lived here without exploring the history of the city, there is plenty to learn. Parkersburg sits on the edge of Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers. It is the third largest city in the […]

5 Best Restaurants in Athens, Ohio

Athens, Ohio is known as a college town, hosting one of the largest campuses in the state of Ohio to Ohio University. With so many college students looking for good food, it’s no wonder that Athens has some amazing restaurants. Here are the top 5 restaurants for your dining pleasure. Restaurant Salaam Restaurant Salaam offers […]